append two columns

Hi everyone!


I need to join two columns in one.

I have a column with notes of physics, and another column with math notes and I need to have a column with the notes of physics and mathematics, and another column with the "physical" or "math" label.



Maths Notes:      Physic notes:

5                            3

6                            6

3                            1

10                          4

9                            5



Class          Notes

Maths             5

Maths             6

Maths             3

Maths             10

Maths             9

Physics           3

Physics           6

Physics           1

Physics           4

Physics           5


How I can do this?


If you have an additional column defining e.g. the individuals, having one Maths and one Physics entry each, the Pivoting node is the way to go.

If you really just have the data you showed, you'll need a combination of the GroupBy, Split Collection Column, and Transpose nodes. See the attached workflow.


Hope that helps,