Appending columns


I have many files of company share price , 2 column each file -- date and closing price columns, I would like to consolidate them in to one file with date and columns for different company share price. Basically I want to join files on date and keep share price of each company in their own column. I figured this must be done using loop but coundn't think of how to collect all company share in different columns. Note: share price must  be joined togeher on date.

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Have you tried the Joiner node?


Hi wei,

if you want to loop this you would need the list files node, then the table row to variable loop start. Use the file reader with the respective flow variable to read the file.


Now change the rowid to the date value (RowID node) and finally use a loop end (Column) to combine the files into one. It will put each rows having the same rowid into one combined row.

Cheers, Iris

Hello Wei,

I am attaching a workflow design that would do the logic. Here we use a 'Pivoting' stage at the end of the loop to transpose the row value of a company name to a 'column'. If there are duplicate entries for a company on a particular day, it would take the most repeating value  (mathematical mode).

Input files : GOOG.csv, AAPL.csv, AMZN.csv


Thanks all for the reply it is sorted now