Appending filtered results (from a Variable loop) to work with them after the loop

Hi all, I have a WF that filters results from a main-table based on a set of variables. I perform this in a ‘Variable loop’, because the variables are stored in a variables-table. My problem is that I don’t find the way to store/append/concatenate the filtered result of each iteration. After the loop finishes, I need the concatenated results of all iterations in the WF because I would like to continue working with the combined result. Tried to store the result in excel, but get the error that I can’t append to the XLS-file because it is not accessible. Probably the 1st iteration blocks the append of the second ?

Hi PeWo,

could you please share the workflow? If you use a normal loop end node you should have as an output the table of all your concatenated and filtered rows of each iteration.

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Hi @PeWo,

If you could share something, it would be great to help you because I think something is missing.
In fact, the description of the loop node end is :

I.e. your loop node end, should already concatenate I don’t know what processing in between.
If you can’t, then you should look into the hub for loop workflows examples :


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Thank you so much for the small hints. I could solve my problem. For those who requested my script, or do want to use the solution based on the hints above, I copy you a screenshot of the solution :

The FinData is used by the parameters the change over the loop. At the end the complete result is available in the ‘Loop End node’. Thanks again for the support !!! Well appreciated !!!


@PeWo, Great, happy to know !

Flag the solution to help others =)


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