Applicability of the Community Extensions


I was wondering if there is any risk in installing Community extensions on the production environment.
As they are not KNIME native , is there a chance of Them stop working in the future versions of KNIME /Desktop Server? OR Does it continuity is assured in updated Version?

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Hello @Adrix ,

thank you for your question!
Regarding to the Community Extensions (Trusted) I can share with you the web page about the guarantees:

"The concept of trusted community extensions is driven by user request, especially from larger organizations which want to use certain community extensions in “production” processes. The goal is that community extensions become more widely used and accepted as high-quality extensions to KNIME.

Trusted community extensions provide the following guarantees to users:

  • Backward compatibility, i.e. existing workflows will continue to work with newer version
  • Compliance with KNIME usage model and quality standards
  • Support (via forum) in case of problems
  • Maintenance for the last two KNIME versions

The trusted community extensions are immediately available via KNIME’s standard extension installation mechanism."

So, answering to your question a trusted community extension will continue to work with newer KNIME version, since it has to be in line with the above guide.
Although for the Community Extensions (Experimental) we can not say this kind of guarantees, since those do not go through the ‘becoming trusted’ process.

Finally ’ Please note that KNIME does not take any responsibility for the extensions provided by the community.’ as it is written on our Community Extension Installation page.

Have a nice day! Hope my answer was not so ‘legal-ish’ :slight_smile:

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Not at all Dora,

Thanks for the feedback

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