Arbitrary inserts into DB table


I am trying to write data into a PostgreSQL table which has some special data types of one, I am sure, there is no equivalent in KNIME, because I created it myself. That one is a range of money. I have a couple of questions related to that.

  1. Is there a way to create an arbitrary insert that uses the data flow as value input for, let’s say, bind variables? I feel I need it, at least because of my Homebrew data type.
  2. I use a couple of nodes for data type conversion. To me, this is rather awkward because of its lengthening the flow. I know that I can bundle those nodes into a meta or component or something, however, I would prefer to not have several conversion nodes in the first place.
  3. I did not find a conversion from string to boolean. Somewhere I have seen the KNIME data type “boolean”. Did I simply miss it? Or do I need to employ a Java snipped? (Could solve my second point.)



This partially answers you question


you could try table manipulator node for data type conversions

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