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Good morning!
@AnotherFraudUser, Please help me, I ran into a problem in the Create Firefox Browser Instance node. Unable to pass argument: options.add_argument(‘user-data-dir=C:\ChromeProfile’)

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Will look into it :+1:
Maybe there is a preference alternative - else I will update the node to include the option to add arguments as well :slight_smile:

Hi @Nuke_Attokurov , based on what you are showing, it looks like all the parameters are passed with prefix --.

So may be it should be:
instead of

It would also be helpful if you shared what the error message is

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The argument is correct only. This argument applies to Selenium from python. This is an argument for the Chrome Driver. I want to pass the same argument to the “Create Firefox Browser Instance” node with KNIME.

Hi @Nuke_Attokurov,

I looked into the issue and with the current setup of the node that was not possible.
I added new types to the preferences tab so you can set arguments as well.
argument = one option arguments e.g. --sandbox

argument2 = two option argument e.g. -profile C:/folder/profile
(this should be the equivalent of what the chrome argument does)

For what arguments are available you will have to checkout what is supported by selenium gecko :+1:


which creates a new profile folder on start :slight_smile:

Added this too all versions from 4.4 to 4.6
(might take a bit until all updates are through jenkins)

Hope that is what you needed.
*sorry for the delay - took a bit until a had time to setup the change

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Thank you very much. Yes, the problem was that every time I had to log in to the sales site with which I regularly work. You are the best of the best developer. You saved me. Thank you very much.

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Glad to help :slight_smile:
Hope that is works out (Knime 4.6 the update should be avilable now - others still need a bit to show up)

Should there still be a problem feel free to give me a notice :+1:

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