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Where is the data for the ARIMA Learner examples? I get stuck on the Component Input node ‘Not all inputs available’.

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Hi @knimeoutjie -

Which example workflow specifically are you referring to? Can you link it here? Then someone can likely show you.

(Usually the data files are in a separate directory that you can find in a parent directory via the breadcrumbs on the Hub.)

I am referring to the ARIMA Learner, I am not able to access the ‘Component Input’ component.

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The ARIMA Learner that you are showing is a component. It doesn’t have any data associated with it by default. If you want to see it in action, there are several workflows on the KNIME Hub that use it; here’s an example by Corey:

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Thanks Scott,

I will check out the example, but I can therefore not execute that component and therefore not learn from the ARIMA Learner example.

What am I missing?

Many thanks and again sorry for missing the obvious,


Hi Scott,

What I am saying is that I cannot run the Component Input in the ARIMA Learner example. I can run the example by Corey, but I dont see how that relates to the ‘Component Input’ component I want to execute in the KNIME example list.

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The component input is a special thing - I guess you could call it a node, sort of - that appears inside of components. I can see that you have a warning in your screenshot, but I can’t tell what it is.

Please upload the workflow you are having trouble with, instead of screenshots, if you are able. When you mentioned the “ARIMA Learner example”, it’s not clear to me what you’re referring to.

Thanks again Scott,

Right, that’s what I linked before - it’s a component (as opposed to a workflow).

But in order to understand the problem you’re having, I’d like to see how you’re using the component in the context of a workflow. What nodes are you using upstream? What data is being fed to the node? And so on.

O ok, I see what you are asking. I am literally just want to run that example ARIMA Learner. Maybe I wrongly assumed this would be an executable example. I am therefore not trying to use it anywhere else, but in this workflow.

That might not even be possible, but it would be nice to understand what I have been missing.


Components are self-contained groups of nodes that you can use like custom nodes (similar to functions in coding). So just the component on its own is not an example of usage, you need a workflow around it like the one I linked from Corey above. :slight_smile:

Thanks Scott,

I just need to understand what the purpose if the the ARIMA Learner example is if it is not executable. I assume some expert users would not have a problem integrating it is. I need an example of ARIMA end to end to be able to rebuild it for my purpose.


In that case, the workflow I linked above is the simplest example I could find. As I’m sure you know, ARIMA gets complicated very quickly.

I tried to run the Super Stores Auto Arima learner.
Got the following error :TypeError: EndVector() takes 1 positional argument but 2 were given

I don’t know what you’re referring to when you say “Super Stores Auto ARIMA learner.” Can you be more specific?

Having said that, we have seen this error in some of the KNIME Time Series Components recently, and have been investigating it. (@Corey for your reference)

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