array-size Flow Variable Attribute on Nodes Exposed but not configurable

I am curious on how to the Array-Size attribute on the various nodes (e.g. Column Filter). I notice it is exposed but does not allow for a flow variable to be assigned. When I force a number into the default field it does not expose additional map able attributes. See Attached.

Is this just exposed but not usable? Are there roadmaps to use these in the future?




Hi Sean,

this cannot be controlled via flow variables because the column flow variables are generated dynamically in the dialog.

The only thing you can do is, "predefine" k columns. Any columns as we will change the names with the flow variables and than use for each column name a flow variable. Those can also be used twice.


So in theory you can configure the node with three columns,

in the flow variable tab, you select for

column1 -> "Column1"

column2 -> "AnyOtherColumn"

column3-> "Column1"


The final output will contain 2 columns. Plus the option enforce inclusion must be checked.

Cheers, Iris