ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException - while reading in data

I have also just downloaded the latest 19c and 8 drivers and tried those (OJDBC8), and I still have the exact same problem.

Is there any other information or anything else I can try?
Is there a way that I can get the exact row number it is failing on so I can analyse that row in the database? Knime doesn’t seem to record in the log the row it fails on

Hi andyg,
sorry that this also didn’t solve the problem. Unfortunately there is no way to get the exact row number it fails. However you could use a loop in KNIME to fetch the rows within a certain rownum range. For an example have a look at this KNIME workflow.

Are you also in contact with the Oracle support? It seems to be a problem with the Oracle driver or the database setup. If not could you please get in contact with them and provide them with the stack trace you posted here.

Hi Tobias,

Problem solved.
The new 12.2 driver didn’t work but the 19c driver did. We have always used the 12.2 driver in the past with no problems.
After I restarted knime ,after adding the new 19c driver in it seems to work fine.



Hi andyg,
I’m glad it works now. With KNIME 4.0 we switched from Oracle JDK to OpenJDK due to the support changes introduced by Oracle. For further details see this FAQ entry. Maybe this caused the problems with the 12.2 driver. I’m sorry for the inconveniences.

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