Asset utilization per day - multiple assets with hourly activity avaliable

Hi Knimers,
I have a report that has asset names in the rows and binary values in the columns for utilization per hour. Each column header is a date and time string, e.g. “2/20/2011 22:00”.

I am trying to derive a report that can give me daily utilization % of each of these assets for a 3 month period. Would appreciate any help. Tried using “ExtractTimeDate” function but it seems only good for a single asset utilization. Look forward to your suggestions/recommendations.

Hi @akashmittalin,

not quite sure if i understand your table structure.
Could you give an example of what your data looks like and what you would expect?


I have attached a snapshot of sample data and desired output.

Hi @akashmittalin,

attached an example workflow.
I guess it could be done more refined - but it works :slight_smile:
Basically I go a few transposes to remove the time from the timestamp + do the group by.
Afterwards I rearrange the sums to the original table.



KNIME_project3.knwf (23.8 KB)

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@AnotherFraudUser This is very helpful. Thank you.

I want to further visualize this data using KNIME or a pivot. To use a pivot, I will need to have 31 rows for each Asset (assuming a month’s data). Hence, ideally my table should look something like

Any recommendations on how that could be done using the above output you have specified. I tried transposing the data but in either way, the column headers will not become filters while pivoting it out. Below is the type of pivot I would like to create from this data. Even better if there is a way to visualize as well, using KNIME.

Hi @akashmittalin,

I guess the question is already answered - right?

Yes it has been. Just playing around and trying to find ways to visualize this data using KNIME. Any recommendations?

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