Assign Value of Another Column to Workflow Variable Based on Quickform List Selection

I am wondering if anyone knows a good way to set up a quickform node where a user selects a value from a list and the value assigned to a workflow variable is from a different column in the data table?

Example -

I have a Database Reader that generates a table such as this:

ClientID     ClientName

     1               Bob

     2               Janet

     543           Kevin

Then I want a user to select a name from a list, I used a Value Selection QuickForm that displays the ClientName.

What I'm wondering is if there is a way to assign the ClientID to the workflow variable instead of the ClientName?  That way, if a user picks "Kevin" I'll get 543 that I could use in a SQL WHERE clause.

Thanks for any help!

Well not directly in the quick form but you can do it without too much trouble.

use the same quick form node.

then variable to table row node.

then attach cell replacer node with also the table containing clientid and client name. So now Kevin gets replaced by 543. Now use table row to variable.

hope that helps


Thanks Simon, just what I needed!

I've used KNIME since ~2006-ish for a few small projects but not enough to become efficient. With my new job, I'll be using it extensively so I'll probably be showing up in the forums a lot for the next while.