Association Rule Out of Memory Error with Minimum Support equal to 0


I'm trying to use the Association Rule Learner node on a dataset of 6000 rows using Minimum Support equal to 0 but I get this OUT OF MEMORY error:

Execute failed: Execution resulted in an out of memory error, please increase the support threshold.


I tried to use both the "ARRAY" and "TIDList" implementation but I get still the same error.

I have 8 giga of RAM on Windows 8 and I've already tried several memory values combination in Knime.ini file. Currently I have this configuration: 



If I increase the minimum support to 0,01 it works well. But I cannot increase the minimum Support or Confidence threshold in the node configuration beacause I'm looking for transactions with very low Support or Confidence.

How can I solve this problem?

Please, could you help me?

Thanks in advance



I guess you won't be able to solve it, only with even more memory allocated because the node tries to compute the complete lattice which does not fit into memory. A threshold >0 solves the memory problem because it shrinks the lattice.