Association Rules Output Not generating Rules


I have Association Rule learner node. But its creating empty data table as
output. Am I missing something in configuration as rules are suppose to be generated.
Attached is the workflow with data.

Thanks and Regards,

Hello Shan,

It seems you uploaded your workflow without the data. So it's quite complicated to see what you did there.
The most probable reason for the Association Rule Learner to output an empty table is to have the confidence and/or support being set too high. Try to lower them until you find your first rules, than you can refine.
Further, you seem to combine each and every column in the Create Collection Column node. I don't know your data but based on the column names this does not seem right.
The Create Bit Vector node seems a little off as well. But of course it is possible you are really looking for the entry "t" in your data.

I hope I could point you in the right direction, otherwise please let me know and I'd be happy to further assist you.


Hi Ferry,

Thanks for responding.  Please find attached the simple workflow with data.

May be I am missing something . Please guide, necessary changes, so that rules can be generated at the end. Its creating empty data table in Association Rule Learner node as of  now.

Thanks and Regards,



Hey Shan,

The problem is the Create Collection Column node. You have some sort of expanded bit-vector as an input, but with 't' instead of '1'. But in the Create Collection Column you combine them into a set without further processing. This means you get three different itemsets: [t], [t, high] and [t, low]. 't' is present in every set and therefore ignored and high&low are exclusive -> No rule present at all.

If you simply delete the Create Collection Column and hook the Create Bit Vector directly on the File Reader, you'll find tons of beautiful rules.
The Create Bit Vector node is correctly configured by you with the 't' and the combination of the String columns. Only the Create Collection column hid all the important information.

Now you should be able to do some rule mining. Remember: Preprocessing is key. If the Learner/Predictor doesn't do what you want, look at the preprocessing. That's where the actual magic happens.

If you have further questions don't hesitate to ask.