Attempting to Access Spotify API

I am new to KNIME, accessing APIs and stuff.

I am trying to access the Spotify API. I am curious is this possible?

I am following the following links for help.

Inside it says " The user is redirected back to your specified redirect_uri"

But I don’t know what to use as the redirect uri?

It’s supposed to allow authorization. I tried with localhost (I saw it recommend for python).

My idea is to use get nodes to extract my account’s top artists and recommend similar ones using the spotifiy web API.

Questions I have so far-
what to use as the redirect uri?
Can I use the get nodes to do this?

Thanks for any help

Hi @Dwaters25,

The problem you are facing is that spotify does not allow you to login with your normal credentials but requires you to set up an OAuth2 authentication flow. This is meant for people that develop applications that allow people to log in with their spotify credentials. You can’t really do this easily with a KNIME workflow, if you just want to do some experiments on your own data, you could try setting up an sample app in python or javascript, extracting the login token and using that in your workflow. With Javascript you might even be able to do the login from within KNIME AP.


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