Audio Alarm Feature Request


Is it possible to have a new node which is capable of giving out an audible alarm depending on whether a condition is met. I think this could be easily achieveable by the creation of a modified "Rule Engine" node where instead of having an outcome box to enter a string or value which appears in a new column, instead you select from a list of audio alarms as the outcome. The audio alarms do not need to be anything fancy, just something simple, such as the standard Windows set of audio wavs.

The reason this can be useful is to alert the user to a specific event. For example, a user may have a KNIME workflow which loads data in from a live database or spreadsheet. It would be useful if they can be alerted when a certain condition is met, such as if a value in Column A goes below a certain numerical value, then an alarm is triggered. The rest of the workflow continues as normal, but an alarm is raised. So this can be for tracking levels of material below it reaches a very low level, or raising an alarm when an automatically generated model reaches a low scoring prediction accuracy.

This seems to be a missing feature of KNIME which shouldnt be too difficult to implement.