Audio and Video streaming

Hi Knime Team,

Is there a way in which I can stream video and audio from the laptop’s webcam and mic? Or really any stream input. Similarly is there a way to stream out the video or audio in real time?

Is this something that can be done using kafka consumer and producer? Please link any example you have come across or any reading material that I can use.

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Hi @smurari,

Some years ago we implemented a prototype reading data from a WebCam and streaming it through a KNIME workflow using the Streaming Executor of KNIME. It worked well, but the code was never brought to a stage for production. However, what you could do if you have a streamable data source you could of course stream URLs to images (or other data types) through the KNIME workflow and read the images using the Image Reader (Table) node.



Thank you, Christian.
I hope you change your mind and get the code to production :slight_smile:


OBS studio is also open source, and it’s great for streaming multimedia, I think it could be possible to direct that into KNIME.


happy new year to everyone. :wink:
has someone made this work?

@christian.dietz - do you mean to save a picture in a folder and the process it?


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