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My company has set up an Oracle database that can authenticate through active directory. I have been able to properly do this using Oracle SQL Developer by simply not passing through a username or password. Now, I am trying to use a database reader node to connect to the same database mentioned before and also authenticate through active directory. However, when I attempt to execute the node with no username or password I get an invalid username/password error. Does my connection string need to be altered? This is what I am currently using, which has worked when passing in credentials for a service account that doesn’t authenticate through AD:


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If I may ask did you set up Oracle SQL Developer yourself like this or someone else did it?

If you haven’t configured anything regarding AD authentication and KNIME it won’t work without username and password.

I have seen topics where users authenticate (or at least try to) with AD to MS SQL Server and they do change connection string using IntegratedSecurity parameter but don’t know about Oracle.

Anyways I do think you should be able to authenticate with AD to Oracle DB from KNIME. Don’t forget to share steps here on Forum after you succeed :wink:


I was able to successfully connect using AD with the following database url. No username or password was needed.



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Glad you made it work and thank you for sharing it with community :slight_smile:


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