Authentication failed while establishing JDBC connection to trino platform

Hi Team,

we are trying to establish trino platform connection in knime using JDBC. Below is the screen short of the workflow.

All the team has same level of access and connection works good but for one person workflow fails with below error message in DB Table Selector node:

Could you please look into the issue and let us know if any additional setup is needed in knime analytics platform 4.5.2?

Thanks in advance.

Kind Regards,

There is probably still something in the background that is different. The error code is pretty clear in this that the username you apply for the authentication is not assigned to a group that the db allows queries from. Since the db connection itself is working I’m guessing this is on a schema/table level.

As such, it does not seem to be a KNIME issue to me.

Hi ArjenEx,

User has all the permissions to access the database and could successfully execute same query on the trino platform directly.


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