Authentication with Generic Web Service Client Node


I was intending to use the Web of Science API in order to obtain article references about a topic, but the problem is that an authentication, which is managed by my company, is needed.

The Web of Science provides two SOAP web services, one for authentication and one for the searches:


At first, I thought it would be something like that (see png), but the authentication didn't work. The error message is:

WARN  Generic Web Service Client 2:1        Failed on row "Row0": No matches returned for IP <my public IP address>
ERROR Generic Web Service Client 2:1        Execute failed: Webservice invocation failed on all rows, check log for details


Thanks in advance for any help.

Does Web of Science have a REST API? Generally it is easier to work with REST web services than SOAP services, and often REST webservices are the most up to date, and therefore often more future proof.