Auto binner to cover all possible values

Hi I’m using the Auto-binner sampling the quantiles in a way similr to attached example (I have more bins in the real application), and I want to apply the binning defined using the train set to another data set.

Is there any way to have the first and the last bin not limited to the lowest/biggest value but have the go to -inf/inf like in the numeric binner?

In the exmple2.knwf (9.1 KB)
, the Auto-binner steps define 2 bins: [0.9,25.5] and (25.5,50.1] , I would like to have them as
(-inf,25.5] and (25.5,+inf)
As you can see in the step Auto-binner(Apply) values -2 and 100 receive NULL bin (I would like to avoid this behaviour)


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If it’s not possible right now, how can I request this feature to the community?

Hi @madape,

Thank you for the very useful suggestion for the feature request. It’s now in our system.


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