Auto binning issue with row filter (knime 3.1)


i'm using Knime 3.1 on Windows10, and i want to show you an issue that i have with the node "Auto-Binner" in combination with "Row Splitter". I don't know if it's a bug or a wrong procedure...

I try to explain, i have this sequence:
Node 1: an initial table with a numeric integer column.
Node 2: a row splitter to split out a high outlier value (just one row in this case).
Node 3: on the filtered table (with no outliers) i apply an auto-binner to obtain 3 bins of equal width.

I expected 3 different bins based on equal width, but in the output table i can see only one bin.

After a test i notice that the auto binner works well only if i manually delete the row with the outlier in the first table.
It seems that after the row filter the outlier value is still present (in memory? I don't know..) so the binning is wrong.

I attach here an example workflow, so you can see the problem.

Please, let me know.

thank you in advance!

Ps. Compliments for Knime software and great forum/support!


Hi, the row filter is not updating the domain information. And the auto binner uses this domain information for calculating bins. Long story short (:-)) use the Domain calculator after the row filter should generated the correct bins.

Cheers, Iris

(And thank you for the compliments :-))

Great! This solved the problem!

Thank you so much!