Auto completion in JSnippet

Hi there,

Just wanted to know if I am the only one having problems with JSnippet. When I try to get auto completion results by pressing ctrl+space, the list of suggestions appears behind the main windows.
Besides, it only works for the first level, for example:

Myclass. << shows suggestions correctly
Myclass.getXYZ(). << does not display the list

All of this is happening on an Ubuntu 16.04

Any clue?


Thank you for pointing that out! We could reproduce the issue and our developers will look into it.

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Hi there,
I tested this on Windows and macOS and the autocomplete does not work from second level onward.

Tried to understand why by debugging the JavaSnippet code but I was not able to find what is causing the problem. I suspected KnimeCompletionProvider but I found nothing there…

Please let me know if you have found the solution (or at least what’s causing the problem)

Many thanks!