Auto Unpivoting


I have a question regarding the Unpivoting Node. What I’m trying to achieve is that in the Options of the Node in the Value columns section I want always to add all columns available no matter what they contain or how they are named.

I also want to remove all columns in the Retained columns section, same way as above.

When I’m loading in new Data, I always have to check the add all/remove all boxes.

It is not very important just for convenience, so I’m just asking if there is an easy way to do this and I’m not seeing it :)



If you include all value column, and enable the radio button labeled: "Enforce Exclusion" on the empty list and then do the opposite for the Retained column selection (Exlude all, Enforce Inclusion) you should see all table be automatically unpivoted. Give it a try and let us know how it goes. 


It has worked. Thanks a lot :)