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Problem: I have many files(excel) I upload to knime manually one after the other, to avoid communication errors.
Question, can I automate to select the region in the Knime and upload relevant files automatically from a given local folder or sharepoint? Your help is appreciated

Hello @Protocoder,

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Can you explain it a bit more? Not sure what this region automation should look like…

In the meantime take a look at this workflow example on reading multiple Excel files using KNIME:


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@ipazin Thank you. The regions are drop down list (Different countries and Product areas etc) and each I select a excel file filled in by business users and upload here. If there is any Knime script which read each of this drop down list and picks up the relevant excel file with string match in the name (file name) and uploads it until all files are uploaded.

Hello @Protocoder,

so you would like to upload a Excel file in KNIME based on value chosen from a drop down list? If that is true and I understood you correctly then you would need to have this drop down list in KNIME. To do that you can input values in Table Creator node and use Value Selection Configuration node. After choosing value same will be available as flow variable which can be used to control List Files node to list only specific file(s). Would that be a way to go?


Hello @ipazin

Thank you for response. So I am here currently

These are done:
I have the drop down for the regions already configured, and designed to select the file from browsing the local computer folders and drives… Done

What I want help
To automate this process

Settings to be done:

– Files configured from Sharepoint folder ( set the login and password)
– For each region in the Table Creator, Set the File to upload from the sharepoint

For each region (in the Table Creator ?):
Select the file (As the settings above)
Upload the file
If the upload is success
Continue ( Until all the files of the region are Uploaded)
Record the error ( line, cell, Actual raw data causing the error, time, etc) in the
log file
Continue ( Until all the files of the region are Uploaded)
Send email the log file and Report

I want to automate the above steps and Settings that will save me tons of time.
Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Hello @Protocoder,

still not entirely sure how your process should look like but here are some suggestions/ideas:

Good luck with your project!


Hello @ipazin,

The version, I use is: Knime Version 4.10.1
Thanks a lot. To clarify, Knime currently is already designed to with drop down of regions and
Manually someone will click select browse and upload “Relevant” region’s file(excel) and upload. Once upload is done, select different region from drop down and select “Relevant” file(excel) and uploaded until all the files are uploaded.
We want to automate the above process to avoid dedicated resources doing this. Simple
The key is the automation able to pick the right file from the sharepoint among the bunch.

Regarding Error you had a doubt. When user enters garbage, the validation is set so to throw the error and this is not knime error.
But yes I do find Knime suddenly logging out user and throwing up Communication Error… especially reproducible when 3 or 5 files are uploaded simultaneously. Happy if you have solution for this.
I would be very happy to get help in terms of similar example or bits of same so I integrate the solution.
You have given me good confidence and now I will explore accordingly.
Thanks a ton.

Hello @Protocoder,

ok. I understand now a bit better the process and possible hiccups. So that is a Server version if not mistaken. What AP version do you work on? I can make you example workflow but not sooner than next week (seems like an interesting use case for Hub so it takes time be be nice and shiny; plus is it not trivial). Also will make use of newest nodes and functionalities from version 4.3. which you probably won’t be able to use but you shouldn’t have problems simulating logic (hopefully) with prior version.


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