Autobinning after Row Filter


I use Row Filter node for numerical field. After this I use Auto Binning node on this field with fixed number of bins. I see, that min-max values of filtered field equals to  boundaries before filtering. E.g. before filtering diapason of values equal [0,100], after Row Filter - [10,90], but I see bins [0,10], [90,100] after execution of Auto Binning node. Now I use Domain Calculator after Row Filter, but it see strange for me.

Is this normal, or this is a bug?

Thank you,


Hi Max, yes this is intended behaviour. All row filtering and spliting nodes don't change the domain. This domain, nominal values as well as numeric bounds, need to be re-calculated, i.e. with the Domain Calculator node, if needed. The reason for that is that most learning algorithms need to know the entire domain during training to build for example a decision tree covering all possible values/cases. I assume, you got confused because the Auto-Binner uses the domain without any warning, I will check that.

Thanks, Gabriel, you understood me absolutely correctly (sorry for my English). It's will be great to have such warnings.