Autocomplete Text Widget Problem

Hi everyone,

I have a extremely weird problem with Autocomplete Text Widget Node. I have a workflow shown below


As you see, I am using two autocomplete text widget node for different columns of my data. When I merge the variables coming from autocomplete text widget nodes, I see just one autocomplete string input variables in merge variables like below.


I think that, the reason is the names of the variables generated from the nodes are the same. However, when I change the name of the one of the flow variables and connect the merge variables node, I see below


Actually, the value of autocomplete string input variables is not test, but it takes the other’ s variables value.

Can anyone have idea about this issue?



Can you confirm which version of AP you’re using in this example?



I just tried to reproduce the scenario on my machine and this way it worked. see the attached example.

And yes, from what I observe when the merge receives two variables with the same name, it only maintains, by precedence, the first record.

test.knwf (43.5 KB)

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