Automate by Saliance Level with Multiple Data Rows

Hi, I’m trying to solve the problem where I have huge data sets (>30k rows) and wanted to get saliance % result by each level.

For example, the set data that I have as below and I wanted to get the yellow one. Is there any loop or workflow reference that I can use to automate this process?

Sample Data Saliance.xlsx (13.0 KB)

In this data set, the saliance will be based on Type and Item Column

Let me know if any clarification. Thankyou in Advance for helping! :slight_smile:

Hi @andersenyunan

The generic answer for the description could be:

With ‘Group Loop Start’ and ‘Group By’ calculating grouping mean… to variable. And finally ‘Constant Value Column’ value controlled by variable and Loop End.


Hi @gonhaddock

Thanks for responding!
May I clarify what column to include within ‘Constant Value Column’ Node? and how to account for the calculation node to get the saliance%

Hello @andersenyunan

Sorry for the wait. This is the workflow, and it’s quite clear. I don’t think it needs additional explanations. I gave you 2 versions. With and without loop.

20221103_grouping_saliance_v2.knwf (43.0 KB)


I found easier to build it without the loop.


Hi @gonhaddock

Wow, it works!! thanks a lot for spending time on this :slight_smile:
and to give 2 options for this as well for the solution


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