Automate execution of workflow

Hi all,

My inputs: Say I have multiple excel reader nodes (because they’re all in different formatting);
My output: Excel writer node

What I need is that the my workflow would produce a new output when/if my inputs (which are saved in one folder X) are

  1. created or moved or saved in the folder X and
  2. modified in folder X

I was wondering if anyone had this experience before and made it work and what did you do for your workflows to achieve it.

Please note I’m a newbie so explaining your answers like I’m 5 yo would really help :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Hi @Ana914.!!
"Please note I’m a newbie so explaining your answers like I’m 5 yo would really help "

It is always nice to work with kids :wink:

The node Wait


does what you are asking for, you can parametrize it

such that that the downstream nodes of a workflow are not executed until there is a creation/Modification/deletion of a file event. Connect the variable port of the node to the first node you want to be executed when the event occurs.

Hope that helps

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Hey @iperez thanks for your reply.
I’m wondering if I can do both the criteria though for an excel reader node.


Because I could put a wait node and execute the workflows upon creation of a file. Yet I can’t connect it to another Wait node with the criteria “upon modification”? :slight_smile:

I also tried changing excel files in the folder with the wait node


but nothing seems to happen :sweat_smile:

Hi. What I would do is to create another workflow that calls the corresponding workflow to be run when either of the conditions are satisfied:

wait on create or modify.knwf (18.7 KB)


All this might be a good job for the KNIME server.

Having said that I created a small example where a system waits for a changing file and of the file has changed does something.


Thanks but I still can’t justify the server’s cost :slight_smile: so i was looking for a work around

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Thank you :slight_smile: this would work

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Same here !
12.500 € is too much , only for one workflow

I have suggested a workflow that would simulate an automation and would run an check for changes. Maybe you can adapt that.

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