Automatic converter

Dear Forum,

I have a large table that has several columns with scale and integer class, even though the value is in fact categorial. I would like to reconvert them into more "suiting" classes. However, trying to find all these "faulty" classes from a list of 350 variables is not appealing.

Is there a node or a node group for converting all the colums of a table in to an automatically estimated most likely class, e.g. ordinal or categorial?

I apologize if my terminology was not right. However, I hope whoever feels like answering this question understands what I am seeking for. This is in short: an automatic value class estimator and converter.

Looking forward for your suggestions.

Have you tried the Number to String node?  Also, the Domain Calculator node may be useful if your categorical classes contain more than 60 unique values. 

Our intern has just started developing an column auto typer node that tries to determine the most specific type automatically for a set of columns. This may also solve your problem.