Automatic extraction of flow variables of workflows to be called in meta workflow


I want to create a meta workflow that calls other workflows. I would select which workflows the meta workflow calls at the beginning of the meta workflow (with Selection Widgets). Then I want to set the input flow variables for each called workflow in the same “Interactive view” window. I would do this by using a Table Editor widget whose input is a table that contains all the input flow variables for the called workflows. For this table, I need another table that contains all the possible input flow variables for all callable workflows, and from this I would select the flow variables of the currently selected workflows.

My question: whether there is a way to implement addition of a new callable workflow to the existing ones, such that its input flow variables will be added automatically to the table containing all the input flow variables. Or if it is not possible to solve it with this table method, is there another way to do it?

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If I understood correctly this might already possible. You would need to add a container input node in all the workflows you want to call. This way you can provide the flow variables from the calling workflow to the called workflow.

I know my question was a bit complicated, I try to describe it more clearly.
The problem is that I first need to set the value of all the flow variables that I need for the called workflows. I would like to know if there is an option that automatically put all the flow variables of a workflow (or a component) with their default values into a table.

Here is an example.

In this example, I want to call the “Knime_example” workflow, which has 3 parameters. In the “call workflow” workflow, I select which workflow I will call, then click on the refresh button and the parameters of the selected workflow appear, which I can set here. Currently, I have solved this by having a large table that contains all the flow variables of all the workflows that can be called and displays only the appropriate ones based on the selection. To do this, I created the large table manually.
Can this be solved more easily, more automatically? By this I mean whether there is a method that automatically recognizes the flow variables of the called workflow.

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I see what you are doing and I would do the same as you did (create manual table where each called workflow has listed needed flow variables). Also I see how this can be time consuming/hard to maintain if you have a lot of workflows with lot of input needed but I’m not aware of any way to do this automatically. In called workflow how do you know which flow variables are the ones you need input for?



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I see, thank you for your answer! Each called workflow receives all flow variables (including the flow variables of the other called workflows). These called workflows are created by me, so it does not happen that two flow variables have the same name. In the nodes of the called workflow, I set what flow variables the nodes should receive as input:


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