Automatic login to server


when using a linked metanode (coming from a server) in a workflow, the node cannot be upated directly after starting KnimeDesktop 3.1.2, because I forst need to login manaully to the server...

Is there any way to save the password for a server, and get it connected automatically?

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No, this is not possible. We don't want to store server login passwords because quite often these are the same as the operating system password and sysadmins will scream out loud.

Resurrecting this topic in case there’s been an update. This question has come up a few times with our developers using Server. The concern from Thor does not impact us since server login is secured separately from user login to the application.

There hasn’t been any change in the meantime. However, we did implement an integration for OAuth / OIDC. So while you can’t store your Server credentials in the Analytics Platform, authentication is now a lot quicker thanks to single-sign-on.

Is this something that would work for you?


Thank you. This may be a good solution. Where can I find more documentation on configuring Okta authentication?

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Here is the documentation: