Automatic Reporting

Hi guys,

I'm using KNIME to manipulate data from a database and I'm attaching them to an .xlsx file in which I have created a report that I convert to a .pdf and I share by email. 

My problem is that I would like to automate this process and maybe the reporting nodes may help me, but I don't know how.

For now the .xlsx file is created automatically (with a .bat file), so the only thing that I'm doing manually is:

1) Export it into a .pdf

2) Attaching one table of the .xlsx file into the body of an email

I don't know how to solve this two problems so I'm thinking to create a new report using "Data to Report" nodes.

Does somebody can tell me if in this wai it is possible to

1) add a part of the KNIME Report into the body of an email?

2) attach the KNIME Report to an email? 

Many thanks for your help.



Hi Annalisa,

For creating automated reports, you should have a look at the extended functionality provided by the KNIME Server Lite and the KNIME Personal Productivity Extension.




Is there any update on this? It seems that there is a report server,, but I this still in use? And if yes, is there any documentation on how to automate reports?


Hi @Lukasa,

That page is very outdated (and shouldn’t be live anymore). Automated reports should be created with KNIME Server, see here for more information:


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