Automatic selection of latest period

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Every month I need to update forecast numbers using the latest month. My upload file will add every closing of the month the current period. Meaning that I will have at the end of the year 12 periods of data. What I’m trying to accomplish is finding a dynamic way of Knime including only the latest period in my pivot table.

I added a very simple table creator with a pivot node for visualization purposes


Actual Results:


Below is the desired result based on the latest period only:


I am trying to avoid the manual selection/unselecting columns but I’m having trouble finding an approach.

Dynamic Period Selection.knwf (7.1 KB)

Thanks in advance

Hi @lazaronewhall17
Here you have a couple of approaches to solve this.

Dynamic Period Selection_V2.knwf (44.2 KB)

Hope that helps !


Hi @eamendola

The solution @eamendola came up with is the way to go in my opinion. But if you have a good reason to filter the columns after the Pivoting node, maybe this wf
Dynamic Period Selection_v2.knwf (18.4 KB) is a possible solution.

gr, Hans


Hi eamendola,

Thanks for the support. I will definitely use the first approach. :slight_smile:


Thanks Hans S,

This is also a good approach if changes are needed after the pivot.

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