Automatically generate evidence of a knime workflow execution

We use knime to automate a series of consistency validations between several databases and this constitutes a SOX control that is audited regularly.
The execution is automated, but then the auditing team is validating the execution, we have to manually run each query and export the printscreens of the executions as evidence.
Is there a way to run a workflow generating evidence of each step done in a report?

Hi @paulohap , you could implement something that does this for you.

For example, you can capture some relevant info during the execution and then write (append) to a log file at the end of the workflow.

You can even, on top of that, email these info to someone or multiple people at the end of the workflow.

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Hi @paulohap
in the past I used to this the Timer Info, implemented after the last node of the workflow.


You may want to check the Workflow Summary feature - it collects lots of interesting metadata on workflows and can report on which nodes have been executed, data that has been processed, and much more. A blog post with links to example workflows (and the critical Analyze Workflow Summary component) is here:


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