automatically install extentions(plugins)


is there a way to install plugins from command line?

We dont wan't to use the "full" version, instead use the normal version and download and install the required extentions automatically. 


Thank you 

Hi koma,

Yes, this should be possible using the following:

./knime -application org.eclipse.equinox.p2.director –nosplash \
–consolelog -r <list-of-update-sites> -i <list-of-features> \
-bundlepool <knime-installation-directory> \
-d <knime-installation-directory>


<list-of-update-sites>: a comma-separated list of remote or local update sites to use. ZIP files
require a special syntax (note the single quotes around the argument). Example:
-r ’,

<list-of-features>: a comma-separated list of features/extensions that should be installed.
You can get the necessary identifiers by looking at Help à About KNIME à Installation Details
à Installed Software in a KNIME instance that has the desired features installed. Take
the identifiers from the “Id” column and make sure you don’t omit the “” at
the end. Example:
-i org.knime.product.desktop,

<knime-installation-directory>: the directory into which KNIME Analytics Platform should be
installed (or where it is already installed). Example:
-d /opt/knime/knime_3.1


Hope that helps!