Automatically restart a workflow following an ERROR by WebService client.

Dear Knimers,
I have a workflow that calls a webservice and then puts the results in a database, using a LOOP mechanism, since when I was using it "directly" (e.g. connecting the table with the content straight to the webservice node) and then something crashed then all data was lost.

For reasons I don't understand, from time to time the WebService node breaks with messages like "Failed to create service" or "Webservice invocation failed on all rows, check log for details".

I've extended the timeout to 500 s, and the memory management is done full on disk, however the problem reproducibly occurs.

When I click then the end of loop the workflow restarts and goes for a while without problems....

I would like that the workflow would continue without break, or if it breaks that then it restarts automatically. Can one do so ? How ?

I am using Knime 2.5.4 on Windows XP, and the webservice is calling Opencalais webservices.

The same problem / behaviour happens regardless if I am accessing webservices through a HTTP authenticated proxy (like at work) or without it (like from home).

Looking forward your advice.