Automating Analytics Platform


I’m a software developer and college student and I’m starting a dev project in which we have a set of knime workflows performing different data analysis. These workflows are pretty much finished and were created using the analytics platform GUI.
Now, our goal is to expose the data resulting from running these workflows trough an API which will then be consumed by a web application responsible for presenting this data to end users, but we also need to introduce the possibility to feed more data to the workflows (probbly using csv files) and run them programatically. I know this could be easily done using Knime Server, but it is a small project with academic purposes we are talking about here and as you can imagine we cannot afford a Knime Server subscription and purchasing one has been already ruled out.
While trying to come up with a solution using the Analytics Platform we realized it currently has a “bash mode” that could help us meet these requirements, in the end we would just need to install the Knime platform in a linux server, upload a file, run a workflow (via sh scripts) that reads this file and modify the workflow to write the data to a database, however, this sounds a bit clumsy since we won’t need any sort UI and we might be running into unforeseen problems with this approach (like being unable to install the analytics platform in an Ubuntu server) so we are not sure if there might be a better way.
We know knime is written in java and is open source so there must be some sort of “core” we can integrate somehow (as a library perhaps?) to a sever app written in java and do our work directly with this code (basically running the workflows and feeding them with data).
I apologize for the long post but I really like to have some feedback from you and I’m looking forward for your ideas and/or suggestions on it. We are kind of short of time and need to start working on this as soon as possible but we want to make sure this is a viable approach.

Thank you very much.

Note: I’m not sure If I posted this in the wrong forum, if so, please let me know.

The batch mode does not require any ui (see for how to use it). You should have no problem installing KNIME on a ubuntu server, it only requires java.