Automation Nodes

I’m trying to create a basic automation workflow using the automation nodes in KNIME.
What I’m trying to do is use the timer to detect changes to a file then move that file to another location.
However, I’m having an issue with the whole moving the file part. I can get it to detect the changes, but the file moving I can’t seem to figure out.


Hi Laby_Jimbo,

You can move files using the Copy/Move Files node.

Please find attached a sample workflow.


Reading_a_List_of_Files_Moving_Them.knar.knwf (387.4 KB)

Hey Anna,

Sorry for the delay.
I think I’ve found what I’m looking for.
I’m basically using meta nodes now to string together complex work tasks. So basically I chain the meta nodes together and section off the particular functions into each meta node …if that makes sense.

So for example: I have one meta node named ‘mover’. It copies and moves all the files. Then I have another meta node called ‘doer’ which performs the functions like joining tables and whatnot.



Hi Laby_Jimbo,

Glad to hear that you found a solution for your problem!


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Hey Jimbo,

I have encounter your discussion here about automation, would you mind sharing your
knime workflow as Im just started doing automation myself. It will be great if you can lend me
a help. Thank you.