Automatisation Nodes Server


I had a look at the features and the Knime Automatisation Nodes (e.g. "Call local workflow" with reports) are exactly what I need to replace the the old fashioned KNIME batch calls, Im currently using as a workaround.

Are these nodes included in the Server licence though (so the server can run them as well)? And if yes, can they be used as well by the people working with the server (up to the license limit) to try it lcoally before uploading it to the server?

Hi Benjamin,

yes the personal productivy licence is included for all your users of the KNIME Server licence (not in KNIME Webportal and KNIME Server Lite) . With our newest server (4.3.) the corresponding licences are distributed via the server. For earlier versions we can generate the licence, if you send us the MAC address to

There is also the Call Remote Workflow node, which you can use to call workflows on the server. This runs without a licence.

Best regards, Iris

Great.. sounds good! Thanks for your reply

Closing this topic.

The personal productivity extension is now open source.