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I connected my generated Pie Chart with the send email node and i get an email when i run the workflow. My problem is that i do not know how i can send the pie chart within the email (i suppose in the attachement). Important to know is that i do not want to download the pie chart and put it manually in the attachment, for the reason that i want to automize the process

HI @Taha_Benjamaa8 -

Perhaps you would find this example workflow useful?


Some documentation around the new reporting features in KNIME is available here: KNIME Reporting Guide


First of all thank you for your help but i do not quiet understand how i should integrate my charts in your worklflow for the reason that they have a png Output

Have you tried the Image View node to incorporate your Pie Chart?

Maybe you can upload your workflow in progress so far so we can see what you’ve tried already?

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I do not know ho how to connect the blue lines

Can i call with anyone i am stuck onto this problem for days…

Hello @Taha_Benjamaa8,

the (new) reporting in KNIME is done via components and their layout editor, which your screenshot shows you are missing.

First of all, you need to wrap (at least) the views (blue nodes) into a component. Then you must enable Reporting on that component. We have a blog post that explains it quite well: Generate reports faster with KNIME Reporting | KNIME
In your case, you can directly include the Pie/Bar Chart in the layout editor and do not need the Image View node.

With the component layout editor you must layout the report and place each view you want to include in the report. If you wrap each view individually in a component, you can get individual reports or mix and match.

If all you want is one PDF attachment with all views, you can wrap them all together in a single component, layout them in the layout editor, and feed the Report that comes out of the component directly into the Report PDF Writer.
To “start” the component generation “chain” you need the Report Template Creator whose output goes into the report-enabled component.

Hope that helps!



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