AutoML (Regression) Component stalls

Hi Knimers,

Much to my delight I saw there now is an AutoML Component for regression modeling, so I had a shot at it with some hERG SAR data from ChEMBL. However the component stalls quickly with the following warning being displayed:

WARN Capture Workflow End 4:0:0:1313:0:1561:0:1559:0:1554:0:1478 No corresponding ‘Capture Workflow Start’ node found

After digging deep into the AutoML Component I believe this is where the workflow stalls:

Not having used Workflow Capturing before, can anyone tell if these nodes are properly connected (I have not changed anything, this is as I downloaded the Component)? Seems to me there are tables missing that should be connected to the two ‘Reference Column Filter’ nodes.

Many thanks/Evert

Hi -

First off, what version of KNIME AP are you using? I’m using 4.5 here. This is what it looks like for me:

I haven’t tested this extensively yet, but it seems likely this is a result of us adding dynamic ports to the Capture Workflow Start and Capture Workflow End nodes. It’s not obvious to me yet why the nodes in my screenshot are connected but yours aren’t.

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I am using KNIME AP 4.5 also. Not sure what happened, but I reinstalled the AutoML component (drag&drop from the hub) and now it seems to run all the way through :+1:


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Good to hear! Although that is weird behavior :grimacing:

I can mention this to our Hub team and Component team so they are aware. Thanks for posting!

(EDIT: Seems related to internal ticket AP-14527)

Maybe partial download due to bandwidth issue (am sitting at home with kids playing xbox and/or watching movies etc.).

Thx for the quick reply/Evert

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