Autorun Configuration when opening Flow

Can I configure my flow such that a configuration dialog opens automatically when I open the flow?
And can I make it run automatically afterwards?

So something like: open flow → enter parameter (a File path in my case) → hit enter and the flow runs.

Hi @masgo -

This is feature that’s possible via KNIME Server / KNIME Business Hub. Otherwise, if you just use KNIME AP, you’ll have to click through the options each time you execute the nodes in the workflow.

@masgo You could for instance use 3rd party software / python to send f8 / f9 keys in a loop to reset/re execute the workflow every few seconds or minutes while having all the nodes selected. You could also start the workflow using an if swich and configure the file path as a variable along with custom pass-through criteria using a combination of multiple nodes e.g. in order to have the workflow run through at a given hour of the day etc

The “send keys” approach requies a standalone machine/ vm and is likely only worthwhile if you have many workflows you want to automate at the same time which could be wrapped in metanodes/ components

I also know a few forum members explored the possibility of executing knime via command line ( batch mode)

If you share more details on your exact objective perhaps I’d be able to advise better :slight_smile:

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