Availability of the Change log


Maybe I am not good in searching in the Knime website; but I am not able to find any change log either on the main Knime website or in the docs.knime website.

Can someone give me the good link?

Mainly I am searching the change log of the new packages that Knime propose me to update to look at changes that could affect my currents workflows.
For example: Knime porpose me today to updatye the “Knime Javascript Views” package, where can I find its change log?

Thanks in advance,



you can find the changelogs here.



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Hello @christian.dietz,

Thank you for the link.

It seems to me that this changelog page list only the changes for the Knime Analytic Platform and one of the extension (Big Data Extensions).

Where can I find the changes for the others extensions? For example when I update the “Javascript View” nodes, what are the changes?

Regards, Lionel

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