Avoid to configure nodes after reading a new dataset


i have a simple workflow for a linear regression. For example this one:

After setting up the nodes it works fine.
When i want to use the same workflow for the another file or dataset i need to configure following nodes:

  • Linear Regression Learner (Configure, Target Column is set everytime correctly and press OK)

  • in the Numerical Scorer i need to change the reference column manually (Target) and press okay

My workflow consists 20 different learners so it means that i have to configure 40 nodes by new datasets.
Is there any way how to automize it?

After reading a new data to have automaticly the Learnes and Numerical Scorers automaticly adjusted?
Flow Variable Ports?

Hi @essegn,
You can use flow variables to set the target columns for your learner and scorer nodes. Take a look at this guide on how to use them.

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