Azure Database connection with Active Directory authenticaiton


We are having issues with the Official Microsoft Driver to connect to our Azure DB with Active Directory authentication.
The error is related to ADAL4J:

Creating a custom driver can fix this, but is there a way that we can make this work using the official driver?

Hello odebie,
unfortunately no. The version of the official JDBC driver that we ship with KNIME does not support Azure Active Directory. That is why we plan to upgrade the library with the next release and also change the Microsoft SQL Server Connector node to support the Microsoft Authentication node. Until then you need to use a custom driver. For more details see this post: Connection to Azure SQL with MFA Authentication - #2 by tobias.koetter


Hi @tobias.koetter,
Thanks for the update.
We will use the workaround for now, but would be a great new feature.

Kind regards,

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