Azure Knime Server Small - login issue


I’m trying to run Knime Server Small on Azure. Unfortunately, I can’t login. I’m following this instruction:
KNIME Server on Azure Marketplace

As I understand, everything what should I do is:

  1. Open browser, put: http://vm-public-ip/knime
  2. Login: knimeadmin, password: upper-cased mac address

For mac address:

  1. Log into VM
  2. Put: cat /sys/class/net/*/address

What am I doing wrong?

Hi @Elderion

I understand that you can start the instance and connect to the WebPortal, but the username/password don’t work. Is that correct?
Did you also remove the hyphens ("-") from the MAC address? Maybe the instance has multiple network interfaces / MAC addresses?

Kind regards

Hi @marvin.kickuth

yes, correct.
As I can see, instance has 1 network interface, but command:
cat /sys/class/net/*/address

produces 2 MAC addresses, for example:

I’m changing it to:

and still can’t login. :confused:

Hi @Elderion,

apologies for missing this before – it looks like Google (or something else) served you an old version of our docs.

Check out KNIME Server on Azure Marketplace :

the default password is set to the VM ID of the VM on the first launch of the KNIME Server. To recreate the password: obtain the VM ID of the VM from the Azure Portal console. When viewing the VM in the console, click on “JSON view” and copy the value in the “vmId” field.

Does that work for you?

Kind regards

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Oooo :upside_down_face:

Yes, it does! Very strange behavior.

Thank you very much for help @marvin.kickuth !

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