Backup Data prior to 4.4

I am super concerned that when I uninstall 4.3 and reinstall 4.4 I will lose all of my data.

How can I back things up/prevent this from happening?


Hi! I exported the folders with my workflows in it, it’s going to end up being a .knar file, OR you can export your workflows one by one (they will be .knwf files). Then you can import the file(s) into 4.4. However, I am not sure how to check what extensions I have currently in 4.3 to download for 4.4. If someone can answer that I would appreciate it greatly!

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Hello @rparr009,

KNIME software and KNIME workspace(s) are usually on different locations so with uninstalling previous KNIME version and installing new one you shouldn’t lose your workflows and respectively your data. Upon first start up of new version simply your existing workspace as default. However it is always good to do regular backup of your workspace. You can do this by doing simple copy paste on OS level or as @Coral_OBrien said, by exporting your workspace.

To retrieve list of all installed extensions see this topic:

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@ipazin Thank you so much!

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Got it done! All Data carried over! Thanks for the help guys!


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