backward feature elimination


since backward feature elimination meta node remove one column at each iteration,how can i pretend that to remove class label?

bcoz when i execute that metanode,i got an error in decision tree learner,target column is missing bcoz it has been removed in that iteration

You have to select the target column on the loop end node. Otherwise the quality cannot be determined.

yeah , i know that ....

i have set the target and prediction column in end loop node,but after some iteration i get the same errors:

i have used stratified sampling on paritioning node,but after some iteration i got the errors:column class for stratified sampling does not exist.......

it seems that loop start node remove the target column

The target column will never be removed so there must be an error in your workflow. If you send it to me I can have a look at it.

how to connect backward elimination start and end nodes in logistic regeression

please send me any reference image because i am very new to knime