Bar chart for ordinal values


I want to plot the number of sales per each month of year. I extract month(name) of order date&time column and created a new column named month(name).
Using a bar chart I expected x-axis (month names) to be in order and in the y-axis see the count of sales per each month. However, I can not arrange x value in order.
I see month in x-axis out of order.

I had the same problem when I did the sentiment analysis task and I wanted to see the distribution of each (very positive neutral negative very negative) rates.
How should I manage to see the distribution of values in the correct order in the bar plot?
Thanks in advance for your help

If you want to have month names in calendar order, you can use a Rule Engine node to assign each month to its number (1-12) and then sort based on the month number.


Many thanks :slight_smile: problem solved…

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