Bar chart not created from Occurrences table (Statistics Node) or table from RowID

I can not create a bar chart from an occurrences table. I am able to create the table in several ways. Two of them are using the following nodes: 

1. XLS Reader

2. Column Filter (to select 1 text variable which has ~ 7900 unique values. The highest count is 3332)

3. Create table


a) Value Counter + RowID

b) Statistics

c) GroupBy - not working for me, because it only creates unique values, but not counts

4. Bar chart, GroupBy Bar Chart, and JavaScript Bar Chart do not show the counts per unique value

Charts are empty. 

Does anyone have any idea what to do?

Thank you



Hello Naiden,

Can you provide a workflow with data so I can have a look at it?

Thank you,

Hello Naiden,

under the application workflows in KNIME (EXAMPLES section) you can find the model selection and management workflow. In that example you can see how the JavaScript Bar Chart is used (image of the workflow in attachment). 

I will create another simple example by using the Bar chart, the GroupBy Bar Chart, and the JavaScript Bar Chart.

In the meantime, as Ferry asked, can you provide a workflow with data?

Thank you,